4:30 PM -- Regular readers of Unstrung will recall we're all dedicated followers of fashion. In fact, your correspondent is rocking a natty cream suit with a purple t-shirt today. [Ed Note: Yeah, shame about the coffee stains, at least I hope that's coffee.] So, I was disturbed to see this online store selling "steampunk" clothing. Evidently, being a steampunk involves dressing up like a psuedo-Victorian fop then having people laugh at you as you parade down the street.

Probably doesn't involve rancid wollen underwear, whalebone corsets, or any of the other privations of being a real Victorian though.

Note: The name "Steampunk" derives from a subgenre of 1980s SciFi/Fantasy fiction.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

adsjfh 12/5/2012 | 3:05:14 PM
re: Steampunk Hi Dan, it's been a while but knowing a little of your background, are you sure you weren't 'gratified' rather than 'disturbed' to hear of this trend?

We do find hessian can be used to make excellent under-garments!

S'later, John
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