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Startup VSK Raises $18 Million

IRVINE, Calif. -- VSK Photonics, Inc., a supplier of active photonic components for fiber-optic telecommunications, today announced it has received first round investment financing from Morgenthaler Ventures and Intel Capital. This total investment of $18 million provides VSK Photonics with additional resources to help aid its growth and deploy its core technology. VSK Photonics uses Indium Phosphide (InP) semiconductor technology to deliver 40Gbit/s opto-electronic component solutions for the next generation optical networks. "We believe VSK has the right approach to the market today - products that increase performance and reliability of optical networks while dramatically decreasing cost. The innovative technologies that VSK is developing will bring these benefits to the emerging 40 Gb/s market," said Drew Lanza, Venture Partner at Morgenthaler Ventures.

"Intel Capital invests in companies, such as VSK Photonics, that help accelerate the pace of broadband technology. VSK's Indium Phosphide technology promises high performance and reliability for the high end telecommunications market," said Tom Willis, managing director for Optical Communications Investments at Intel Capital.

pdzzl33 12/4/2012 | 8:27:55 PM
re: Startup VSK Raises $18 Million Does anybody have any idea if there are any other startups focusing on this space which are on the same level with VSK? I believe Agility is rumored to be providing all InP optical components but i am not sure of anybody else. any word?
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