Squirrel Pasties

12:15 PM -- Squirrel is the new rat, according to the U.K.'s Metro Website:

    Squirrels have long been on the menu at some top restaurants – but now they have found their way into the humble pasty.
Note to self: Avoid "top restaurants" in Old Blighty.

    Keith Viner, former chef of Michelin-starred Pennypots in Cornwall, said: 'Southern-fried squirrel is good. And tandoori style works.

    'It is especially tasty fricasséed with Cornish cream and walnuts. But the one everyone seems to like is the Cornish squirrel pasty.'
Mmmmmm... But have you got anything that hasn't got so much squirrel in it?

Warning: There's a perfectly dreadful photo with the story. This one, from Engrish.com, is better:

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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