Sprint Preps Four New WiMax Markets

Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) says that it now has four new Mobile WiMax markets "in development" in addition to Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington.

A spokesman for the operator confirms that it is now plotting WiMax deployments in Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, and Providence, R.I. Sprint spokesman, John Polivka, says that the carrier isn't yet detailing deployment schedules for the cities but does allow that "it is unlikely to be this year."

Sprint says that it is on track to go commercial with its first WiMax market in Baltimore this September. (See Sprint: More on B'More.) Chicago and Washington are slated to follow "some time in the fourth quarter," says Polivka.

In fact, Sprint CTO Barry West tells the Sidecut Reports blog that the carrier is now ahead of its planned schedule for XOHM WiMax, having just switched on its 1,000th WiMax base station. Yesterday, the carrier unveiled one of its first major services for the nascent network, localized information mapping for mobile users. (See Sprint Plots WiMax-Powered Location Services.)

All of this network activity should eventually get swept into the "new Clearwire" WiMax venture network, which combines Sprint's and Clearwire's WiMax assets. Kirkland, Wash.-based Clearwire is expecting to switch on its first WiMax market in Portland, Ore. (See Clearwire: We're Ready for Primetime.)

Much of Clearwire's deployments, however, could hinge on the "new Clearwire" deal closing as expected in the fourth quarter. The operator has repeatedly insisted that the WiMax merger and associated $3.2 billion funding is still on track to close by the end of the year. (See The WiMax State of Play in the USA.) — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

joset01 12/5/2012 | 3:33:34 PM
re: Sprint Preps Four New WiMax Markets Interesting that Sprint doesn't seem to be holding off on talking about new sites before the "new" Clearwire deal is closed. Some of those cities are going to be pretty challenging to deploy radio-wise. Look at some of the muni problems in Philadelphia, WiMax isn't the same technology as mesh but it will be still be interesting to watch.

lrmobile_kumaramitabh 12/5/2012 | 3:33:13 PM
re: Sprint Preps Four New WiMax Markets Barry deserves Kudos for taking the WiMAX rollout ahead of Schedule. While the world had not stopped with XOHM flagging, it was certainly weighing on minds of hundreds of operators planning their launches.

With WiMAX enabled devices such as the Nokia 810Tablet becoming available, and Intel comomg out with a roadmap for WiMAX enabled Chipsets; boards, and rollouts y dozens of operators, the technology has certainly proved itself as one of the only successful ones apart from WiFi.

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