Sprint / Wal-Mart WiMax Conundrum

8:45 AM -- There's a rumor going around that Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) is working on a deal with Wal-Mart to put up WiMax towers at the supermarket giant's properties.

The Android Guys say they have a source that says that Sprint is working on a deal to place WiMax towers on the top of all Wal-Mart locations.

Just one problem with this that I can see: Sprint isn't deploying its own WiMax network; it is piggybacking on Clearwire LLC (Nasdaq: CLWR)'s mobile WiMax network for its "4G Now" service. (See Sprint's Summer of WiMax.)

So, assuming that there's anything to this rumor, just exactly which operator is talking to Wal-Mart and about what?

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

agmorse 12/5/2012 | 4:44:48 PM
re: Sprint / Wal-Mart WiMax Conundrum Sprint got out of the tower business a few years ago when it sold off and leased back its tower holdings, so unlikely it would be taking the lead on developing new real estate - more likely a tower co is acting on their behalf (or Clearwire's). Also, Sprint hasn't been on good terms with Wal-Mart, as evidenced by the exclusion of Sprint's wireless products from Wal-Mart's recent expansion of its retail offerings.
joset01 12/5/2012 | 4:44:46 PM
re: Sprint / Wal-Mart WiMax Conundrum

Yep, I'm still checking it out but wouldn't be surprised if there's a different angle to this rumor.


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