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Genband CEO David Walsh addresses Perspectives attendees in Orlando.
Genband CEO David Walsh addresses Perspectives attendees in Orlando.

mendyk 5/26/2015 | 12:35:46 PM
Re: Only two? Thanks, Sarah. From your reporting, it looks as though Genband is getting better at defining its place, but as you say it's work in progress. The temptation is to fling out any buzzterms that may be relevant, but ultimately that gets in the way of honing a well-defined identity.
sarahthomas1011 5/26/2015 | 12:29:19 PM
Re: Only two? I did. It's a little confusing, since it's two relatively different strategies, but they were at least clear-cut this year. On the PaaS side, there's a lot that goes into it -- WebRTC, UC, enterprise, consumer, RCS, etc -- but it's all interconnected and under the future comms umbrella. Likewise, network transformation has a lot of pieces/products to it, but all under the same theme.

Interesting that Hartley still sees everyone wanting to talk about boxes though. They can't seem to shake that!

I also thought there would be more excitement about NFV, which there wasn't, but they at least outlined their plans to virtualize all their products, which they hadn't done in the past.
mendyk 5/26/2015 | 12:07:08 PM
Only two? Sarah -- There seems to be no shortage of "stories" coming from Genband about its future direction. Since you've just spent a lot of time at the event, do you get the sense that the leadership is actually narrowing down its message?
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