The Top 20 Bridge Builders

Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT)
Of all the world's Tier 1 carriers, Deutsche Telekom perhaps exemplifies the Bridging the Chasm philosophy more than any other, as the operator's CTO and CIO sing from the same hymn sheet about a network, SPIT and human resources transformation process that involves joint decisions every step of the way.

For the full story, read Mgmt World: DT Bridges the Chasm, our recent report on the joint presentation by the CTO and CIO at the Management World event in Dublin.

In addition, Deutsche Telekom's eight-strong management board includes a CTIO (chief technology and innovation officer) in the form of Edward Kozel, who has overall responsibility for all technology issues.

Key Bridging the Chasm individuals:

  • Edward Kozel, CTIO
  • Olivier Baujard, CTO
  • Steffen Roehn, CIO

We'll be talking more about these issues, delving deeper into all aspects of Bridging the Chasm and identifying those operators that are leading by example at our exclusive Executive Summit event in Florida during October. To get more information about this invitation-only event, click here.

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mothilalds 12/5/2012 | 5:22:51 PM
re: The Top 20 Bridge Builders

On what basis have you selected these 20 companies? According to my understanding leading Korean operator SK Telecom and SMART Philiphine are two progressive networks looking at the new ways of bridging Network and IT and also overcoming the threats posed by OTT.

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