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Siemens Tests Mobile Quality

MUNICH -- Siemens Networks uses measuring equipment from Swiss company SwissQual AG to test and improve the quality of mobile communication networks. This equipment makes it possible to carry out complex measurement and testing tasks in mobile communication networks independently via remote control. Siemens Networks is already putting this innovative technology to work for a leading Asian mobile communication operator.

The autonomous devices from SwissQual can be employed for stationary or mobile testing. If used in mobile applications, they can be built into taxis, for example, from which they check network quality (coverage and voice quality) or the availability of services such as WAP, internet or video streaming. The data is fed via mobile channels and the internet to central Siemens servers, where it is evaluated.

Siemens Networks offers the new benchmark and monitoring services through a managed services contract, under which Siemens provides the technical infrastructure necessary to check the quality of the customer network and carries out the associated measurements. The parameters tracked and the frequency of network quality measurement depend on the mobile network operator's particular requirements. Siemens experts evaluate the data and calculate quality indicators, and then use the results to draw up proposals for measures to improve quality. "Siemens can actually put these improvement measures into practice too, so the customer makes substantial time and cost savings without having to worry about any of the processes involved", says Daniel-Rui Felicio, Head of Carrier Services at Siemens Networks.

Siemens AG (NYSE: SI; Frankfurt: SIE)

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