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Imake Launches 4.1

BETHESDA, Md. -- IMAKE Software, Inc., has launched OpenVision© 4.1 Session Resource Manager (SRM), leading the way for the newest generation of open session resource management solutions for VOD and IPTV. Current deployments into tier one, global satellite and telecommunications companies affirms the SRM’s open-systems design, performance, and value. The OpenVision© SRM solution simplifies and supports the deployment of multiple emerging services, including switched broadcast, targeted advertising, VOD, games and broadband service.

IMAKE’s newest release of OpenVision© SRM is based on an open-systems design which enables operators to open up their networks and pick best-of-breed video server, navigation server, and set top box technology. OpenVision© SRM currently supports DSM-CC, RSVP, and RTSP protocols, with future support for SIP protocols. It readily integrates with Cisco network equipment, Broadbus video servers, Alticast clients, DigiSoft.tv clients, with other video servers and set top box clients to be announced throughout Q4 2006 and 2007.

In terms of performance and value, OpenVision© SRM optimizes the use of expensive bandwidth and maintains minimum levels of quality of service (QoS) which are critical to retaining active subscribers, reducing churn, and maximizing revenue. OpenVision© SRM does this in several ways: it improves network utilization of digital services by dynamically allocating service-to-network capacity and validates available network bandwidth allowed to subscribers. In addition, it provides real-time network monitoring and management of client bandwidth on a per-session basis, from session start to session tear-down and supports online activation of resources to meet session demand spikes. System reliability has the biggest impact on subscriber behavior and purchase patterns, and OpenVision© SRM helps operators maintain maximum system reliability, QoS levels, and therefore the financial health of the operator. Enhanced capabilities include the ability to take a video server off-line for maintenance in a customer friendly way.

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