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Bridge Monitors OTT Video

OSLO -- Bridge Technologies has launched its comprehensive solution for over-the-top (OTT) service monitoring and analysis. In keeping with the company's overall strategy for digital media monitoring, the OTT solution delivers true end-to-end capabilities that give the operator a complete real-time view of the integrity of OTT streams and services at all points, from ingest into the delivery chain to the viewer's screens.

Bridge Technologies' OTT solution includes three major components designed to work together to deliver end-to-end monitoring. First, to provide continuity of OTT monitoring throughout the delivery chain up to the subscriber premises, OTT monitoring support is now available as an option for all Bridge Technologies digital media probes deployed anywhere on the operator's network. OTT capability can be added to the VB120, VB220, and VB330 units to provide monitoring in the field, at the high-traffic core network, and at fringe networks.

Also, to support the home network of connected devices at the subscriber premises, Bridge Technologies' new microAnalytics system provides monitoring of OTT and "TV everywhere" services to multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. The microAnalytics system allows operators to remotely access real-time data from set-top boxes, connected TVs, iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices; making accurate and comprehensive end-to-end multiservice/OTT monitoring a reality for the first time.

To enable monitoring of OTT service integrity and quality on the viewer's mobile devices, the microAnalytics system includes the miniaturized, self-installing microVB™ hardware probe, the central server system, and the third component, the microC — a library of software clients to support accurate remote monitoring of each device.

The system's data-gathering capabilities allow operators to monitor every factor influencing Quality of Service (QoS) and the viewer experience, including interactions between triple-play services, contention for bandwidth with Internet streaming media, and OTT service degradation.

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