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Schwag Heats Up

11:00 AM -- The schwag market had been pretty slow lately -- until the Byte and Switch editors hooked me up.

Storage solutions provider Advanced Digital Information Corp. (Nasdaq: ADIC) has launched a nifty USB-powered coffee warmer. You plug it into the USB port of your laptop -- and presto! You've got a place to keep your coffee warm.

I've been testing it all morning. It works. Yes, it's pretty weird. And I'm totally wired.

  • Marketeer: Adic
  • Name: The "Coffeenator," a portable USB-powered coffee hotplate
  • Era: Post-bubble
  • Debut Venue: Mail-in gift
  • Field notes: Ranks highly on the geek factor. Use in public, and you're sure to lose friends.
  • Marketing message: "We're creative. And pretty dorky too."
  • Status: Currently shipping
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— R. Scott Raynovich, Editor in Chief, Light Reading

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