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HP to Buy 3Com

The battle to control the virtualized data center of the future heated up on Thursday, as HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) announced a deal to purchase 3Com Corp. (Nasdaq: COMS) for $2.7 billion.

3Com will bring a wide-ranging portfolio of network switching, routing, and security solutions to HP. The technology will boost HP's already potent networking offerings, which are centered in HP Procurve.

"By acquiring 3Com, we are accelerating the execution of our converged infrastructure strategy and bringing disruptive change to the networking industry," HP executive vice president Dave Donatelli said in a statement.

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— Alexander Wolfe, InformationWeek

Iipoed 12/5/2012 | 3:52:46 PM
re: HP to Buy 3Com

Of course 2.7b for a commodity ethernet company sounds obscene to me. What is HP smoking. They already have sold a ton of Foundry for the past 10 years. I guess they must want to add to their commodity PC sales in Frys and office depot by adding home ethernet products which is basically all 3Com ever amounted to. Glad they stayed away from Brocade but if I was an HP stockholder I would be screaming mad at such a idiotic acquisition.

Hanover_Fist 12/5/2012 | 3:52:46 PM
re: HP to Buy 3Com I-ipo'd,
It's time to grow up. Your glory days at Foundry are long behind you - time to let them go and move on.

What did HP buy?

Can you say a complete VoIP impementation including call processing equiment?

Can you say unfettered access to the Chinese market space via existing Huawei sales channels?

HP is expanding their footprint in the right direction - I'd have thought they might have made a run at Nortel's Enterprise division.

I'm venturing a guess that this will bode well for HP and their customer base...after all, HP was the first networking vendor to offer a Lifetime product warranty.
gocowboys 12/5/2012 | 3:52:45 PM
re: HP to Buy 3Com Just gotta wonder about this one... There is considerable product line conflict and 3Com has been very tied to Huawei over the years. I understand the thinking that this is an entry into the Chinese market; but, without the Huawei connection, that is probably unrealistic. When the dust settles, this one seems pretty worthless.
materialgirl 12/5/2012 | 3:52:42 PM
re: HP to Buy 3Com

In their CC, HP management noted how they had looked at all acquisitions.  Since BRCD is clearly on the block, why did they pass?  Is BRCD damaged goods?  Is there storage overlap?

jetman 12/5/2012 | 3:52:39 PM
re: HP to Buy 3Com

I worked for 3Com for 8 years in the glory days, when Bob Metcafe was there it was a great company.   

After the USR debacle they lost control, the puchased took over the purchaser.   It was planet of the USR brain eating zombies after that and its been a walking dead company for a least a decade.  

My guess is HP see's 3Com as a way to get into China.   HP will rub shoulders with a company that was caught stealing Cisco's source code to get more China business..  Kinda sad actually.

To me this desperation shows how Cisco has scared the hell out of the once proud HP.

Brocade and HP are still in negotiation.   Thats the only deal that would make sense for HP.

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