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Widevine Shows Off

SEATTLE -- Widevine® Technologies, the leading provider of comprehensive downloadable content protection and digital forensics for video operators worldwide, will showcase technology demonstrations for IP video and highlight its wide range of IPTV integration partners at TelcoTV 2006.

Widevine Innovations at TelcoTV
In addition to the industry leading Widevine Cypher® content protection suite, Widevine will demonstrate technologies designed to meet emerging requirements for content security:

  • First and largest MPEG-4 HD-IPTV deployment worldwide for broadcast and VOD content with SaskTel, launched Oct. 16.
  • Forensic watermarking: Widevine will demonstrate its patented device level watermarking solution on PCs and industry leading set top boxes. Widevine Mensor™, is currently used by the largest aggregator in North America, TVN Entertainment to acquire and distribute early release video-on-demand content.
  • Digital Copy Protection to secure premium multimedia delivery and storage on PCs and PC-based devices. Widevine will demonstrate how Cypher DCP stops unauthorized recording and distribution of premium content, including the halt of the recent Windows Media® and iTunes® hacks.

Widevine Technologies Inc.

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