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Virtela Clouds Up Remote Access

Virtela Technology Services Inc. is taking a cloud approach to remote access, offering a 100 percent guarantee that users can get access from any Internet-equipped personal computer.

The Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL-VPN) requires no special access gear, only a URL provided by Virtela, which is also promising dynamic load balancing within any given region and across regions globally for high availability and performance.

"This service has a handful of unique advantages for customers," says Ron Haigh, Virtela's VP of technology and customer solutions. "It lets customers automatically get connected to the edge of the cloud closest to them, and from there be connected into a global wide area network environment that lets them access their application resources."

The 100 percent guarantee stipulates that if the closest resources are unavailable for any reason, the access traffic is rerouted to other nearby resources, Haigh says.

SSL VPNs enable access to secure applications and resources from any Internet-connected computer, which makes it easier for companies to support mobile employees, telecommuters, partners, and suppliers, Haigh says. Using a managed service for SSL VPNs removes the cost of deploying customer premises equipment and managing connections.

The Virtela service draws on resources from Virtela's data centers in more than 25 major cities globally.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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