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Restricting All but the Predators

Good intentions that fall woefully short: That's the quickest summation of a proposed U.K. law intended to get pedophiles offline.

The British government wants domestic ISPs to voluntarily introduce content filtering software to stop people from viewing child pornography by the end of 2007. Net and personal security experts, however, say that software only stops accidental viewing of such sites; and that the approach doesn't prevent content delivery over encrypted connections, email, instant messaging, or seemingly innocent P2P sites.

This turn has led some to question exactly who the government is trying to protect, and whether the millions that it will cost ISPs to install this software might be better spent elsewhere...

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— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung. Special to Dark Reading

materialgirl 12/5/2012 | 3:51:43 AM
re: Restricting All but the Predators Get real. Pols do not care about kids. They dont vote or contribute to party funds. If pols cared about kids, we would have affordable healthcare and childcare, rather than predatory ads selling kids all kinds of bad toys and food with dangerous additives like trans fats, colorings and high sugar levels.

Pols always use "bad guys" as a way to snoop on all of us. The pervert angle, like the gay angle, is just a cynical method of getting sympathy, on either side of the Atlantic.
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