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Radware's New Superhero

2:50 PM -- While other vendors mull over the results of more recent (and soon-to-come) Nortel Networks Ltd. asset auctions, Radware Ltd. (Nasdaq: RDWR) has already integrated, revamped, and relaunched the product line it acquired earlier this year from the troubled Canadian giant. (See Nortel to Offload Data Gear to Radware, Nokia Siemens: Hot for Nortel's MEN?, Hitachi Takes Nortel's LTE Packet Core, ITU: Ciena Bids $521M for Nortel's MEN, Avaya's $900M Bid Wins Nortel Auction, and Nortel Wireless Winner: It's Ericsson!)

And with its marketing tongue firmly in its cheek, Radware has even assigned the revitalized Alteon range of application delivery platforms "superhero" status. (See Radware Unleashes Alteon.)

The company has launched its "Alteon is back" marketing campaign that aims to "revitalize the Alteon brand by bringing back a superhero character metaphor," complete with a cinematic trailer on YouTube.

The one-minute 46-second trailer features the "powerful Alteon" battling "his evil network archenemies, Bottleneck, Outage, Disconnect, and Disarray." These four evil forces have "slowed down application networking performance -- requiring a hero to be summoned to fight network downtime and deliver super-fast performance to the online world. This hero must be brave, powerful, and highly skilled... This hero must be Alteon."

You might be groaning by now, but check out the video -- the Radware team has captured the animated superhero genre pretty well, complete with deep dramatic voiceover. I was expecting to cringe -- instead, I laughed (and not in a mocking way).

Will Avaya Inc. , Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC), or anyone else that gets its hands on other Nortel assets go down the same marketing path? I think not. Which is a pity -- I'd love to see what some of the big players might do with a short-film budget and a script imbued with a sense of humor.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Arts Critic, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 3:52:48 PM
re: Radware's New Superhero Yes, of course!! Great recall, Hanover!

They were the little green action figures that Foundry used to position on top of their boxes at trade shows... I had a few of those at one time - since eaten by the children etc

Hanover_Fist 12/5/2012 | 3:52:48 PM
re: Radware's New Superhero

Anyone remember Foundry Networks action figure, Foundry Man?

Looks like the folks at Radware did and have decided the time is right to clone Foundry Man.

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