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Mu Moves on Services

Mu Security thinks it can do a lot more than just security, so the company is changing its name to Mu Dynamics as it puts more emphasis on pitching to service providers.

The Mu crew have been selling their Mu-4000 appliance for two years as a vulnerability tester. Carriers and vendors use Mu's box in a test network to see how new equipment responds to attacks. (See Mysterious Mu Tests for Leaks, Security Startup Says Mu to Bugs, and Top Ten New Startups.)

But Mu has concluded that the box has a bigger mission in life: testing for performance degradation of any kind. That includes spotting conflicts that come up when services get piled onto a telecom network.

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) deployments are one area of focus for the new Mu, because of the number of pieces involved. (See What's Up With IMS? and IMS Forum Plans Plugfest.) For instance, it's possible for an attack on the billing system to freeze up call placement, says Dave Kresse, Mu's CEO.

"You've got a lot of service-to-service or system-to-system interactions, so you've now gone to an unbounded problem where there are infinite [not literally] interactions between components," Kresse says. "You don't know how a service is going to respond. It could respond by keeling over and dying."

What makes the task hard -- and gives Mu a reason to exist -- is that "unbounded" part. It takes millions of test cases to assure that everything's going to be OK. Along those lines, Mu is introducing a denial-of-service simulation module that simulates a wide range of possible attacks.

Mu is also announcing a $10 million round of financing, giving it $24 million raised so far in three rounds. New investor Focus Ventures took the lead in Round C, joined by prior investors Accel Partners , Benchmark Capital , and DAG Ventures Management .

Mu claims it's got most major U.S. service providers as customers already, although Cox Communications Inc. and Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) are the only ones announced.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:40:37 PM
re: Mu Moves on Services Yes, we know, it's pronounced "myoo," not "moo." It even says so on their web site:

But come on -- who could resist?
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