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MegaPath Chases Managed Security

MegaPath Inc. today announced a managed security offering that is actually a combination of services it has been quietly delivering for some time now with new capabilities aimed at companies with multiple smaller sites, such as retailers. (See MegaPath Adds Security as a Service.)

The newly relaunched MegaPath Managed Security Services come in two flavors -- a cloud-based offering that has been available to MegaPath customers before, and a new hybrid offering that combines the existing cloud service with management of a premises-based security device.

MegaPath is using Fortinet Inc. 's Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform for both products, says John Ramsey, senior product manager for managed security and compliance at MegaPath.

"The previous services that we provided were essentially under the guise of unified threat management. We had a whole suite of different types of managed security services, including intrusion prevention, content filtering, email filtering -- that we did in the cloud on the MPLS network and for SMB on individual access circuits," Ramsey says. "What we are adding is a managed service that leverages more of the Fortinet hardware, using their small appliances to do a premises-based solution so we can remotely manage an intrusion-prevention service at the customers' location."

Why this matters
MegaPath was formed from a merger of MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy, and is trying to compete more aggressively across a national footprint with the likes of AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), Verizon Enterprise Solutions , Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK), and others. In that company, a managed security services offering is table stakes.

Where MegaPath intends to go farther is in helping retailers address specific PCI compliance rules that require on-premises gear for things such as detecting rogue wireless networks to prevent theft of credit card numbers or other sensitive data. Because MegaPath is leveraging Covad's national footprint, which is still largely DSL-based, a service aimed at small locations, such as retail outlets, makes sense.

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