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Fortinet Thinks Big

Trying to secure a place in the service-provider market, security appliance vendor Fortinet Inc. issued new blades today, including a 10-Gbit/s switch card.

The move bears some resemblance to last month's introduction of a 10-Gbit/s security box from Force10 Networks Inc. , the Ethernet switch vendor. (See Force10 Breaks Into Security.) As Force10's first security offering, the box targets intrusion detection and prevention. Fortinet, by contrast, is adding to the established FortiGate systems that handle universal threat management -- a passel of functions including intrusion detection, virus blocking, and firewall capabilities.

The new FortiController-5208 card, one of the products announced today, is a "10-Gbit/s insertion point" for FortiGate, says Anthony James, Fortinet's senior product manager. The card, equipped with two 10-Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces and eight Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, takes in 10-Gbit/s signals, switches them to the appropriate FortiGate blade, and spits them back out. (See Fortinet Goes 10-Gig.)

That's in contrast to the usual FortiGate model, where each blade acted as a standalone security device. The switch fabric in the 5208 means an incoming pipe can be directed to a number of different blades. "Customers wanted to have a switch fabric so traffic could be switched across the backplane, to minimize front-side wiring," James says.

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Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:52:52 AM
re: Fortinet Thinks Big Wasn't Fortinet once rumored to be in Cisco's sights? That was a few years ago, IIRC...

Assuming Cisco's lost interest, who else might benefit from buying Fortinet? This company's doing well enough that there's got to be a good merger theory or two in there.
firewallreview 12/5/2012 | 3:52:51 AM
re: Fortinet Thinks Big only rumors spread by dreamers.

Lets not forget that ServGate was sold for pennies on the dollar. Mr. Xie was a major shareholder there.
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