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Euronews: Tension Rises Over UK Security Report

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., BT Group plc, Orange, Vodafone Group plc, Kabel Deutschland GmbH and Deutsche Telekom AG are among today's regional newsmakers.

  • A U.K. parliamentary report into the potential security threat posed by the deployment of Chinese communications equipment has been amended for fear of harming the U.K.'s trade relationship with China, according to a The Financial Times (subscription required). The Intelligence and Security Committee report, due to be published on June 6, is expected to suggest that Huawei's U.K. cybersecurity center should be overseen by a branch of the British intelligence services to provide reassurance that the inclusion of the Chinese vendor's technology in BT's network is not a cause for concern. The publication of the report, even in its redacted form, could add to the current tension between Europe and China. (See Euronews: EU Threatens China Probe, Euronews: UK Spooks Back to Haunt Huawei and Huawei Opens UK Security Evaluation Center.)

  • Orange has unveiled a new range of customer care offers, which guarantee a "continuity solution" within 24 hours of a problem being reported by consumer or enterprise customers, to its fixed-line, IPTV and mobile customers in France. The French incumbent says the move "demonstrates the importance it places on improving customer satisfaction."

  • Vodafone is reconsidering a takeover of Kabel Deutschland, Germany's second-largest cable operator, reports Dow Jones. This is despite Vodafone having struck a deal with Deutsche Telekom in May, allowing it to use the incumbent's network for broadband and TV services.

  • The regulatory authorities in Saudi Arabia have banned the use of Viber, the Web-based communications application, reports Reuters. Viber is difficult for the state to keep tabs on, and also deprives the kingdom's licensed operators of some revenue.

    — Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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