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Celebrity Infection

10:50 AM -- British scientist Dr. Mark Gasson claims he has infected himself with a computer virus, but it seems to me has just caught the publicity bug.

The BBC's party-loving technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, reports how Gasson implanted a contaminated RFID chip, used to open security doors and activate mobile phones, under his skin to see if the virus could be spread from under his epidermis to other technology systems.

The move has attracted a lot of attention and publicity, so it seems Dr. Gasson has achieved his aim.

The good doctor might want to think about developing a wireless computer virus detection technology that, once implanted in his skull, would make his head flash red and orange whenever he was within 1 meter of an infected PC.

Then we'd be impressed. And grateful. And amused.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Tinfoil-Hat Editor, Light Reading

pfloyd33 12/5/2012 | 4:34:28 PM
re: Celebrity Infection

Re the daft boffin who stuck an infected chip in his arm: did you notice how ill he looked anyway? I think he should check for good old-fashioned real viruses before making one up...

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