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9:40 AM Home automation and security is a good opportunity for cable MSOs in search of new revenue streams

ravanelli 12/5/2012 | 5:01:27 PM
re: Cable Secures the Home

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I had Comcast come out to demo their service in my home last week. &nbsp;They sent a very knowledgable sales person to show me essentially the same demo they had at the Cable Show. &nbsp;The pricing is decent ($199 setup, $39.99/month, lots of a la carte add ons for additional sensors, etc).

The biggest catch is the 3-year commitment. &nbsp;The sales person said this is pretty standard in the security industry. &nbsp;

But do I want to commit more dollars to a company that has perpetually raised rates on my service every year for TV and Internet? &nbsp;I think there is a ceiling for operators if they don't resolve this trust issue with consumers. &nbsp;If they lock me in on their security service, I'm locked in to their other services, and the odds they won't raise those rates yet again are not good.

I did some market studies with consumers on this topic last year and found a similar sentiment when it came to online back service through an ISP. &nbsp;There's a concern that they'll lock people in, then they can't get out.


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