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Read Between the Lines

Typically, a broadband software vendor press release is the last place to look for a nuanced and understated message – unless, of course, it is demanded by a customer's legal department.

Just such a rare find surfaced through Camiant Inc. 's announcement of a deal with an unnamed "top U.S. wireless carrier." (See Camiant Wins Deal).

In the release, Camiant explained:

"It has shipped its policy control server… to a top U.S. wireless carrier. Additionally, a Kansas City office has been established to support business growth and wireless account sales activities."

Logically, one could draw two possible conclusions from the news.

The first option: Camiant has a sales guy who's jonesing for tangy treats off the grill and was able to sweet talk his way into a relocation package to K.C., the "world's barbecue capital."

Option two: Camiant's mystery mobile carrier customer is Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S), based in Overland Park, Kan. By extension, it's also the home of Sprint's MSO mobile JV, now dubbed Pivot. (See Naming Cable Mobile).

Continuing its Cone of Silence strategy, Camiant CEO Dave Paolino noted that the company's policy control server "has been selected by many undisclosed top wireless carriers."

Camiant must also have a powerful publicity encryption engine in its product line.

— Michael Harris, Chief Amethyst, Cable Digital News

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