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Operax, Bridgewater Team

OTTAWA and STOCKHOLM -- Bridgewater Systems and Operax today announced that they will collaborate for a unified approach to subscriber management and bandwidth control required for robust, scalable service creation and assurance capabilities in wireline broadband and converged networks.

Bridgewater and Operax are in discussions with a number of broadband service providers in North America, Asia and Europe. By working together, Bridgewater and Operax can ensure that service provider requirements for a unified approach to subscriber and network policy management are met, across all types of next generation networks including wireline, wireless and converged networks. Technology and product management teams from both companies plan to collaborate to design a new solution based on learning from the initiative.

“The ability to support these complementary but differing requirements is becoming a fundamental requirement for many service providers,” senior analyst Graham Finnie with Heavy Reading observed. “In order to manage and deliver the multiple services available today, carriers are increasingly looking for real time control of subscriber access to applications to ensure that the network can deliver the required services”.

Bridgewater Systems is the leading developer of subscriber-centric policy management software, which allows service providers to dynamically allocate bandwidth and personalize access to applications on a per subscriber basis. By creating a single policy-decision point in the network to manage subscriber access to applications, Bridgewater Systems’ technology creates an efficient and better standard for service creation and delivery. Subscriber-centric policy management pulls static and dynamic subscriber data to create a unified view of the subscriber across multiple networks and applications, enabling a seamless subscriber experience.

“There is a clear synergy between our subscriber-centric policy management solutions and Operax’s network bandwidth management control solutions,” explained Tyler Nelson, vice president of business development and marketing for Bridgewater Systems. “This collaborative effort allows us to validate the requirements for a comprehensive unified approach to policy management, in particular in converged networks.”

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