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BBC Hits Out at BT

1:20 PM -- In what could be viewed as a lover's tiff, the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) has accused BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA) of "throttling" the broadband speeds of some U.K. customers to such an extent that online video service quality is affected.

The BBC cares about online video service quality because of the popularity and success of its iPlayer streaming video service. Check out this BBC news report for more details.

The accusation could create some tension between the two companies, which are working together on Project Canvas -- hence the suggestion of the lover's tiff. The project was set up by the duo and other British media companies to figure out a standards-based method of delivering high-quality video over broadband connections. (See BBC Consults on IPTV and BT Unveils Its CDN Plans.)

The BBC's challenge is also interesting because it's usually the U.K.'s ISPs that are criticizing the BBC over the impact of iPlayer traffic on broadband service quality. See this Guardian story from last year.

For EuroBlog, the situation merely highlights just how better it would be all 'round if decision-makers in the U.K. (government, regulator, network operators, and media companies) banged their heads together and came up with a future-proof plan to build a true fiber access infrastructure (GPON at the minimum, not fiber to the local cabinet then xDSL) for U.K. users, rather than the half-hearted plan BT has been touting. (See BT's Fiber to the Hype.)

— Ray Le Maistre, International Quality TV Monitor, Light Reading

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