Waking Up to the Power of SPIT

10:35 AM -- SINGAPORE -- CommunicAsia 2011 -- "Mobile operators are becoming more aware that they need analytics tools that can show them what impact certain applications can have on their networks and how certain applications can have a different impact [on the network] depending on the end user device."

So says Ronny Haraldsvik, vice president of Global Marketing at video optimization specialist Bytemobile Inc. , which, perhaps not surprisingly, appears to be gaining traction with operators as video traffic starts to choke their networks.

Now, it's not like Haraldsvik doesn't have a vested interest in saying this about the operators, as his company has just announced enhancements to the traffic reporting and analytics part of its solution. But evidence from the market, and not just here at CommunicAsia, suggests he's right -- operators of all types appear to be waking up to the fact that all manner of Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) technologies can give them a competitive edge, enhance customer experience and add to the bottom line, something that Light Reading has been banging on about for a while. (See The SPIT Manifesto.)

Haraldsvik has more to say, though. The introduction of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks won't solve any traffic management issues for the mobile operators, he notes. In fact it will only add to them, as the speedier connections will only encourage additional data application use.

"The mobile operators need to be rethinking their entire architecture," he says. "And they need more than just a DPI platform and a policy control server to deal with the data traffic. They need to think about how their GGSN, load optimization, video management, DPI and policy tools all work together. They need to look at their set-up from a traffic management perspective," he adds.

Just throwing extra boxes at the network isn't enough, though. Each operator has a different take on how to approach their own particular data traffic challenges and they need to think clearly about what they're trying to achieve and how that can best be done. And that doesn't always mean having to deploy every single new platform that the vendor community is pushing onto the market, adds the Bytemobile man. "The big companies like Alcatel-Lucent will push a solution that includes boxes the operator might not even need," and that's not helping the operator at all, he states.

As advocates of a SPIT way of thinking, we're not arguing with Haraldsvik -- not this time, anyway.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 5:01:17 PM
re: Waking Up to the Power of SPIT

Waking Up to the Power of SPIT

Could be the worst title for a TV movie ever.

bkechiche 12/5/2012 | 5:01:15 PM
re: Waking Up to the Power of SPIT

Thanks for pointing that out, i was having similar feelings but kpet them for myself for the longest time.

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