Transmode Gets Enlightened

STOCKHOLM -- Transmode, a global supplier of packet-optical networking solutions, today announced the company's new Enlighten Portal, a user-friendly and innovative tool that enables full real-time visibility of multi-layer service performance.

Transmode's new Enlighten(TM) Portal provides both network operators and their customers, such as enterprises or other network operators, with a unique insight into real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data on their services. With a graphical dashboard view of services, the new tool provides an aggregated view of total service KPI performance and individual high-level or detailed per service views.

This enables performance against a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to be monitored and verified. As transport services continue to rapidly migrate from simple layer 1 services to advanced layer 2 Ethernet services, service performance visibility becomes rapidly more important to both carriers and their customers.

Transmode's Chief Technology Officer, Sten Nordell, commented, "Modern packet-optical networks allow for the provisioning of highly sophisticated services such as those defined by the MEF's Carrier Ethernet 2.0 standards. But in most cases end customers either trust that the service meets the necessary performance criteria or they deploy their own systems to try to evaluate the service performance. Detailed performance data is often only available on the operators' management systems and not easily presentable to their customers. The Enlighten Portal gives operators the tools they need to allow their customers to monitor their own individual services in real-time using standards based performance monitoring and it allows the operator to easily prove the high level of quality that their services are achieving."

The Enlighten Portal allows network operators to fully customize and brand the end-customer service view and to give these customers a unique insight into the real-time performance of their services through a web-based application that requires no software installation. This visibility is key as transport services continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, such as with business Ethernet services and wholesale services in applications like mobile backhaul. With visibility of all major layer 2 Ethernet KPIs including Service Availability, Frame Loss, Frame Delay and Frame Delay Variation as well as additional layer 1 KPIs in the future, both operators and their customers gain real awareness of real-time service SLA performance.

Transmode's Enlighten Portal is part of the Enlighten multi-layer management suite that includes tools to manage and control Transmode's packet-optical networks, and their services, over the whole life cycle of the network. The suite also includes Transmode's recently announced Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities.

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