Mgmt World: Telcordia Offers Plan B

NICE -- Management World 2010 -- Telcordia Technologies Inc. has rolled into Nice with a new Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) tool that, the company claims, can help operators plan their networks more efficiently.

And network planning, as we know, can be a real headache for operators. (See Providers Ponder Planning Problems .)

The vendor's Total Perspective Planning product is an automated tool, designed to helping operators make their network planning and spending decisions, which pulls together information from multiple business units. (See Telcordia Totally Does Network Planning and Telcordia Shows Off in Nice.)

It uses information gleaned from engineering, operations, sales, and finance, for example, to help a service provider more quickly make informed decisions about where to invest in network resources and how to develop and roll out new services.

The goal is to enable better decision-making that cuts across the service providers' typical business silos, says Zack Gilstein, Telcordia's vice president of service assurance solutions. Faster, more accurate decision-making will also speed the delivery of new services and help lower development costs, he states.

"This process aligns the business side with the network planning side so they are working with the same information fit. [As a result] they can offer more reliable, profitable, and market differentiating services to their customer base," Gilstein claims.

"What we are doing is extracting the information and presenting it to the various users across the business in a way they can understand it and leverage it. We are not duplicating the information, not storing it elsewhere -- we are tapping into the information in real time from a variety of sources."

The new product not only draws information from the service provider's existing operations and support systems, but also draws on third-party data, such as customer location and revenue information. The tool is designed to present that information in a geo-spatial platform, drawing on geographic information systems, such as ESRI, and Adobe Flex technology, to offer a Web services approach that enables data to be constantly updated, rather than stored in a static database.

Telcordia, still one of the biggest hitters in the SPIT market, says the tool is not only useful for planning network upgrades and expansions, but also to design responses to request for proposals (RFPs) from enterprises, as the operator can quickly determine what kind of network build is required to respond, and how that build can be achieved in the least expensive way, claims Gilstein. (See Telcordia: Still a $700M+ Player.)

"With this tool, the network planning department could do that [RFP response] very quickly without having to go back to engineering... Quick decision making, especially for RFPs or other opportunistic decisions, without having to invest a lot of resources in coming up with the answer, is important in the competitive market."

Other uses include planning for network resiliency and tactical capacity planning, Gilstein says, to make sure networks are engineered to stay ahead of service demand.

Of course, Telcordia isn't the only company touting its network planning credentials around the show floor here in Nice: Plenty of other players, especially those with professional services to offer alongside, will be banging the same drum this week. (See SPIT Watch: Comarch Eyes Expansion, Bharti Airtel Picks NSN, AlcaLu Wins Angola Deal, Huawei, Aircom Team for OSS, and Tata Uses OSI's OSS.)

To find out what other SPIT vendors are announcing, and for all the news from Nice -- including reports from the show floor, updates from the conference halls, and gossip from the darkest, dingiest bars on the Côte d'Azur -- keep an eye on our special Management World 2010 Show Site. (See The SPIT Manifesto.)

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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