Management World 2012: Yet More Preview Pitches

With the Management World 2012 almost upon us, it's time to highlight a few more of the companies that'll be showing off in Dublin.

We gave some of the Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) sector's specialists a chance to persuade us, and you, why they're worth a chat at the show. We've already highlighted the responses of six companies -- see Management World 2012: More Preview Pitches and Management World 2012: Preview Pitches.

We asked the same three questions of the senior executives leading the team effort at the show (via email):

    1) What is the single most compelling reason why a communications service provider executive would meet with you in Dublin?

    2) Will you be announcing anything new at the show?

    3) What is your (or your CEO's) favorite movie/film?

We had some pointers for them: No need to go on about mobile data growth, the need for more customer engagement, rising volumes of video traffic, blah blah blah -- that's a given. Keep it short, snappy and interesting, and no blatant sales pitches.

As you can imagine, the final criterion was the biggest challenge. We reserved the right to delete any responses if, for any reason, we thought them unworthy.

So here are the responses we got from Sigma Systems , Empirix Inc. , HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ), Aricent Inc. , OpenCloud Ltd. , Comptel Corp. (Nasdaq, Helsinki: CTL1V), Virtual Instruments and MACH . Sigma Systems (service assurance systems vendor)
1) You need to fill up those new LTE and fiber pipes. When you roll out products with high penetration, you can afford automation. But many new products have initial uptake rates of just 4 to 5 percent. How can you afford to automate these? Surely not with Amdocs's high-priced help. Get more services onto your pipe. Why Sigma instead of Amdocs? We fill the pipe.

2) A new OSS solution that will allow service providers to tap SaaS vendor products. And here's a dirty little secret -- SaaS vendors largely aren't ready to be distributed in a volume fashion. They lack proper API sets and back-office systems to handle a flood of new orders. Sigma aims to bridge the gap between the SaaS vendors and their largest potential new sales channel.

3) Rick Mallon, VP of product management: The Hangover. [Ed. note and memo to self: Do not to meet Rick for a drink in Dublin....]

Empirix (network and applications performance monitoring)
1) Customers these days expect the highest level of quality and won't tolerate service "hiccups." However, end-to-end service assurance is no easy task. The complexities inherent in today's mobile network environments threaten to negatively impact customer QoE, and the results can range from degradation in call quality to total technology failure. Even the crash of a third-party app can haunt the service provider. These are real issues that affect real people every day. Empirix can preemptively help network operators avoid these glitches.

2) Empirix will be announcing a customer deployment.

3) Bob Hockman, VP of product management: The Shawshank Redemption.

HP Communications and Media Solutions (global IT giant)
1) Are you drowned in service, network and subscriber data? If you think the same way as one of our customers, a very large worldwide telecom operator -- "We don't know what to do with all this data, apart from spending money on storage!" -- then come and visit HP and we'll tell you how to unlock the value of your terabytes.

2) We will announce several new HP solutions that aim to exploit huge amounts of data.

3) Philippe Leon, Worldwide Director, OSS Transformation, HP Communications and Media Solutions: Planet of the Apes

Aricent Group (technology services company)
1) To talk about the elephant in the room! There is so much data that is being under-utilized by service providers -- from customer service, network ops, even vendors. This data can be correlated and used to deliver phenomenal customer experience. For the first time, consumers are putting experience and quality of service as their primary purchase criteria, rather than price or technology. Most service providers have done customer journeys, analytics, customer service, and network probes. But separately, and certainly never combined with a device. Service providers must realize that they have a wealth of data to translate into actionable intelligence. I like to say, if you got beans, let's make the brew!

2) Aricent will announce that it is the second company in the world to achieve a new testing certification standard for lab management at a major European service provider.

3) Tom Lybarger, Assistant Vice President: Toy Story.

OpenCloud (application server/service broker)
1) If operators are going to respond to the challenge from over-the-top (OTT) players, they must leverage innovation to differentiate their services and rate plans. To level the playing field, operators must allow developers (external and in-house) to connect to their network and access the necessary information to create apps and services. To find out how to strike the balance between service innovation and keeping the network secure and fully functional, operators should visit us in Dublin next week.

2) No.

3) Jeff Gordon, CEO: The Shawshank Redemption.

Comptel (OSS vendor)
1) Besides grabbing some Finnish chocolate? That’s easy -- we recently adopted the slogan "making data beautiful," and we can show CSPs exactly what that means to their business by sharing some attractive use cases about how they can achieve just that.

2) A joint white paper with Heavy Reading will be out soon after TMW, but you have to swing by to learn more before the others get it!

3) Juhani Hintikka, CEO: Avanti!

Virtual Instruments
1) Service providers have two specific problems: managing growth of data and managing critical applications in a shared IT environment. What you need is to be able to see what infrastructure capacity is being used by each application and what server, network and storage capacity you will need in the coming years; and to be able to model the impact of IT migrations and consolidations on the applications running the business. By baselining how an application is performing and growing over time you can model the new system using this data. You can then monitor the move and optimize the new infrastructure.

2) No.

3) Chris James, marketing director for EMEA: 2001: A Space Odyssey.

MACH (mobile interconnect solutions)
1) Fraud costs the telecom industry €44 billion each year according to the Communications Fraud Control Association. This figure has led telcos to change how they deal with fraud, choosing to align it with revenue assurance as opposed to dealing with it as a standalone issue. Next-generation services like LTE will further complicate this, presenting new challenges as more data is accessed at a faster rate. Because of this, fraud management and revenue assurance platforms require fast analysis, sophisticated data visualization and the sort of performance and scalability that has previously been unavailable. MACH's position in the market allows it to offer a unique insight on the best way to combat this array of fresh challenges.

2) No.

3) Ben Bannister, product marketing director: Apocalypse Now.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

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