Management World 2012: More Preview Pitches

With the Management World 2012 show fast approaching, it's time to highlight a few more of the companies that'll be showing off in Dublin.

We gave some of the Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) sector's specialists a chance to persuade us, and you, why they're worth a chat at the show. We asked the same three questions of the senior executives leading the team effort at the show (via email):

    1) What is the single most compelling reason why a communications service provider executive would meet with you in Dublin?

    2) Will you be announcing anything new at the show?

    3) What is your (or your CEO's) favorite movie/film?

We had some pointers for them: No need to go on about mobile data growth, the need for more customer engagement, rising volumes of video traffic, blah blah blah -- that's a given. Keep it short, snappy and interesting, and no blatant sales pitches.

As you can imagine, the final criterion was the biggest challenge. We reserved the right to delete any responses if, for any reason, we thought them unworthy.

So, what did Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT)'s Communications and Media division, Versant Corp. and cVidya Networks Inc. have to say for themselves?

Microsoft Communications and Media
1) In the last 35 years, this industry has connected 7.5 billion people on wireless networks. I know we are all thinking about what the next decade will bring (shiver, shudder). At Microsoft we see a world of opportunity that we'd like to capture with you, even if we come from different perspectives and have different challenges. We love the imagery of a telecom operator that enables businesses to pay their employees via a SIM card, or deposit and send money from their mobile phone. Imagine what else we can do together!

2) We will announce a handful of recent success stories where telecom service providers have thrown up their hands in frustration over a certain problem, only to find a perfectly suited solution from one of our best-of-breed partners.

3) Phyllis Harris, general manager, Microsoft Communications and Media: Secretariat, because of the story, one of inspiration. Besides the fact that I love animals and this one was one of the most famous of my growing up years [Editor's note: this refers to the story, set in 1973, not the movie, released in 2010], I love the story of Penny Tweedy's determination to overcome so many odds because she believed her horse and team could win.

Versant (database specialist)
1) Wanted -- positive disruptors. Stop making excuses and start solving the harder problems with the mountains of data you are collecting every day from your network. Find hidden values, do forensic data research, optimize your network in near-real time -- the answers are in your data. Do you have the tools and skills to ask the right questions? We are engaging with leading telecom companies to form technology partnerships to develop those next generation, Big Data and in-database analytics. Are you a positive disruptive thinker?

2) No.

3) Dirk Bartels, VP of product strategy and marketing: Inception.

cVidya Networks (revenue assurance)
1) How about $140 billion annually? That's the estimated amount telecom operators are losing to leakage each year. With mobile revenue intelligence capabilities you can sit on a beach, sip on a mojito, and still fight leakage and nasty fraudsters. Staying ahead of the curve is essential for CSP executives -- after all, they are in the business of mobile -- so why should they go without the proper mobile tools? Keep tabs on the business from anywhere, at any time and make the important decisions, such as what methods to change, in real-time.

2) Two announcements: An Enterprise Fraud Package, which allows fraud departments to sell services to their enterprise clients, creating a new revenue stream for the CSP; and the second is that the TM Forum 's Business Metrics Automation utility will be embedded into cVidya's MoneyMap product.

3) Amit Daniel, executive VP, marketing and business development: Cinema Paradiso.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

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