Ipanema Touts AQS

PARIS -- Ipanema Technologies, the leader in application traffic management systems for wide area networks, today announced the launch of a universal indicator of application performance over the WAN: Application Quality ScoreTM (AQS).

Traditional flow performance metrics such as packet loss, delay or jitter are too technical and numerous to provide a simple indication of application performance over networks. To allow its service provider partners to offer simple application SLAs, Ipanema has created the Application Quality ScoreTM or AQSTM. The AQSTM is a universal and simple indicator of the network’s contribution to application performance. It is similar in philosophy to ITU’s E-Model that allows computing the network contribution to Mean Opinion Score (MOS). The AQSTM can take a value between 0 to 10 to reflect the performance of an application over the WAN. The AQSTM is a normalized and universal indicator that can be applied to all types of applications, either data-transfer such as back-up, interactive such as Citrix or real-time such as Video streaming. It can be aggregated over time for different links and/or for the entire network.

“By creating the AQSTM, Ipanema contributes to further close the gap between network performance management and application performance management. With the AQSTM there is now a common language to set objectives and measure performance achieved on the network” says Frank Lyonnet, Director of Product Management at Ipanema.

Ipanema Technologies

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