COS Systems Unveils FTTH Planning System

AMSTERDAM -- Fiber-to-the-Home innovators COS Systems aims to make fiber to the home a common right worldwide. Fiber experts COS Systems announces its innovative fiber deployment solution Service Zones at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam Oct. 22-24.

“COS Systems appears to have delivered what could be a key technology to move Fiber to the Home,” said Benoît Felten, CEO/Chief Research Officer at Diffraction Analysis and 2013 winner of the FTTH Council Europe Individual Award for outstanding contribution to the industry. “Service Zones provides a complete business system to plan, deploy and market advanced fiber networks,” Felten said. “By focusing on revenue, build-out plans can be driven by a compelling business need and by offering the services today's consumers want.”

Until now, fiber deployments were constricted by best-effort estimates and sometimes even speculation. Now, Service Zones, converts real-time demand into investment decisions. With subscriber backing, network owner/operators can deploy where demand exists and with a continually validated business case, which supports further deployment and saves on both initial investment and future maintenance costs.

COS Systems

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