Colt Evolves Its OSS for SDN, NFV

With SDN experience already under its belt, Colt is looking to evolve its management systems to adapt to a hybrid environment of physical and virtual capabilities.

TomNolle 11/10/2014 | 7:20:46 PM
Re: Adapt and survive I think the problem is that SDN or NFV without ops reform are pointless.  You can't have service agility with SDN or NFV alone; neither has the scope and neither has the higher-layer service interfaces needed.  That's been the problem all along, IMHO.  If you want service agility and operations efficiency, you have to start with service operations.
[email protected] 11/10/2014 | 7:12:12 PM
Re: Adapt and survive Can they wait that long? 

Operations reform FOLLOWED by SDN and NFV certainly looks like the optimum route, but might that stretch the timeline so long that it becomes pointless?

I really don't envy any of them their task -- let's hope one manages to pinpoint a working model that provies the benefits with a workable timeframe that the industry can build on because it's looking more and more complex by the week.
TomNolle 11/10/2014 | 6:30:38 PM
Re: Adapt and survive That's not quite what I hear, Ray.  Operators aren't sure whether they want to adapt OSS/BSS or completely remake it.  What they DO want is to reduce operations cost and increase service agility.  The question for them is how to go about it.  Most of those I talk to agree that neither SDN nor NFV can prove it solves the problem.  What does, then?  It may be operations reform FOLLOWED by SDN and NFV.
[email protected] 11/10/2014 | 5:51:41 PM
Adapt and survive So it seems increasingly obvious that what operators want and need is a way to adapt their existing management systems, as much as possible, to cope with the addition of SDN and NFV.

That's a lifeline for the incumbent OSS fraternity, but....

The big questions remain on the interaction between, for example, an SDN controller and a legacy inventory and provisioning platform. And all the other combinations you can think of.

Is this really all about professional services? If so, won't that skow things down and make it even more expensive?

So many different options and questions.

What's going to be most interesting is to hear again from the oikes of Colt and BT and EE and NTT Comms in 6/12/18 months to see how they are progressing.  
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