BT's 'Third Way' for NFV

BT's director of research and technology, Chris Bilton, taks about the 'third way' in which network operators can manage their next-generation assets in a world of SDN and NFV.

janerygaard 11/12/2014 | 3:49:19 PM
Re: In-house IT and Telecom expertise To some extend it is more of a people challenge than a tech challenge. Even processes only works if people follow them, and not eveything can be automated.
Misha 11/12/2014 | 3:09:27 PM
Re: In-house IT and Telecom expertise

Liked Chris Bilton's candor in challenges of SDN-ization of BT networking via putting human face on advanced technology progress. Tackling the repurposing IT and NOC human capital, at the expense of some lengthy educational curves, is the foremost challenge for the dawn of NVF-driven SDN. I like his cautious optimism, but the choice of words like "potentially relatively straightforward blend" of people and technology in the 'third way' does not give me enough confidence that BT actually has a plan of approach the aforementioned challenge. However, for starters, brave of BT to acknowledge and stare the problem-devil in the face!



[email protected] 11/11/2014 | 11:29:11 AM
In-house IT and Telecom expertise It's obviously going to be an advantage to have internal expetise on telco and IT management -- bringing the best of both worlds together is going to be easier said than done without the full support and buy-in from the relevant teams.

This is all as much a people challenge as a tech challenge...
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