Britney? Or Telcordia?

3:05 PM -- What do you expect when you browse the iTunes Website? The latest from The Chemical Brothers? A classic movie download (we recommend The Big Lebowski) for your next red-eye flight?

Very possibly. And if you have no taste, you might even check whether James Blunt has blighted the music world with another three-minute cringe-fest.

What you might not expect is to download a podcast from OSS giant Telcordia Technologies Inc. , but that's what you can do.


So if you're fed up with Pavarotti, you might consider the vendor's audio file entitled 'Thought Leadership.'

Then again...

The burning question, though, is: If Telcordia was a rock 'n' roll outfit/popular beat combo/artiste, which would it be?

The Rolling Stones (should have retired, but still doing the biz)?

Maybe Michael Jackson (past his prime and somewhat scary, but still popular)?

Or Kraftwerk (influential, weird, and secretive)?

Suggestions on the message boards, please.

— Ray Le Maistre, Old Musical Express Editor, Light Reading

paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:33:16 PM
re: Britney? Or Telcordia?
How about the "Dead Kennedys"?

1 - No longer doing anything new....
2 - Name originally comes from a corpse (AT&T/Lucent....)
3 - Part of an era that people don't think much about anymore....(added dots because I have to)
4 - I always thought of Tony Soprano when I thought of the boys in NJ twisting my arm to pay for OSMINE....the Kennedys were bootleggers before they became a political dyanasty

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