Analyst: Data Analytics Needs Some TLC

Communications service providers (CSPs) need to make better use of the network and subscriber data they already have at their finger tips if they're to succeed in making more money and becoming more efficient, according to a leading Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) analyst.

Heavy Reading analyst at large Caroline Chappell is hoping to see a greater focus on the ways in which CSPs can analyze the raw data that's coming from their networks and use it intelligently when she visits the TM Forum 's Management World 2010 event in Nice, France, next week. (See Sun, Sand, SPIT & Software.)

Service providers are already doing this to some extent, notes Chappell, especially in the area of revenue assurance and fraud management, where vendors such as cVidya Networks Inc. and Subex Ltd. have established themselves as key players. (See cVidya Touts Revenue Assurance Catalyst, Subex Readies a Rebound, cVidya to Buy ECtel for $21M, and Subex Enhances Revenue Assurance.)

Now, though, Chappell says, CSPs need to be able to mine and analyze data "pertaining to customer experience and service trends -- they need to know what services their customers are using, and what Websites they are visiting." And then they need to put that data to good use, not only to improve the customer experience but also to manage their networks better.

"This area hasn't received enough attention. It's all about analyzing the data that's already there in the network in an integrated and holistic approach," and not just relying on CDRs (call data records), says the analyst, who is looking to the likes of Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE: DOX), Empirix Inc. , Nokia Networks , and Openet Telecom Ltd. to lead the way in developing and enabling a new breed of telecom data analytics tools. (See SPIT Week Spotlight: Nokia Siemens Networks, Empirix Offers VQA to Enterprise Users, Openet Updates FusionWorks, Amdocs Unveils CES 8, and Openet Beefs Up Data Measurement.)

In addition, there's the issue of making sure that the data is "clean" -- in other words, accurate and up-to-date. "The network might be telling the CSP one thing, while the OSS or BSS system might be telling them another. They need tools that can identify these discrepancies and help put them right," says the analyst, adding that Ontology Systems has been delivering "impressive results" in this area with a number of European carriers. (See Telenor Denmark Uses Ontology OSS.)

Chappell, like her colleague Ari Banerjee, is also expecting to see significant developments in cloud control and mobile service management at the Nice telecom software jamboree. (See Management World: Making Sense of the Cloud and Path to 4G Is Paved With OSS.)

For all the SPIT news leading up to the event -- plus reports from the show floor, updates from the conference halls, and gossip from the coolest bars in Nice -- keep an eye on our special Management World 2010 Show Site.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

shygye75 12/5/2012 | 4:36:28 PM
re: Analyst: Data Analytics Needs Some TLC

One of the barriers to more aggressive pursuit of OSS/BSS modernization has been the perceived lack of hard metrics to justify the cost of upgrades. Squishy concepts like "improved customer experience" are hard to argue against, but hard numbers are really what will drive action.

MakeItHappen 12/5/2012 | 4:36:15 PM
re: Analyst: Data Analytics Needs Some TLC

To see how business intelligence, analytics and an innovative approach to decision making can be combined in a CSP's world I encourage Caroline, Ray and everyone else that will be at Management World 2010 in Nice to stop by the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Control Center Catalyst. In this Catalyst Netezza, Nokia Siemens Networks, N-Pulse AG, Quantellia, and Subex are working together to show how CSP product management decisions about parameters including price, QoS, margin, sales training investment, and processes can be visualized and systematized. The demonstration enables visualization of the complex relationships among these parameters and follows them from their inception during product creation through monitoring and corrective-actions during deployment.

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