Lucatel: New Team, Old Faces

Alcatel (NYSE: ALA; Paris: CGEP:PA) and Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LU) have provided an update on their impending merger process, which, apart from significant change at the top table, appears to be going well. (See Quigley Steps Down as Lucatel COO.)

The duo announced late Monday that their marriage is set to be consummated by the end of this calendar year, a timescale reported by Light Reading in late June. That's well inside the originally stated deadline of April 2007. (See Lucatel: Full Steam Ahead.)

That positive news, though, is tempered by another update, this time on current trading. While Alcatel is in line, Lucent is not. (See Lucent Drags Down Alcatel.)

Behind those headlines, though, there is plenty of detail to digest, especially on the merger's anticipated cost synergies and the appointment of senior executives, who, according to industry sources, have been scrambling for the key positions in the merged company.

Taking the top jobs
Perhaps not surprisingly, as the merger is effectively a takeover of Lucent by Alcatel, executives from the French company are dominating the key roles named so far.

While the 14 board members -- other than chairman Serge Tchuruk (currently Alcatel CEO) and CEO Pat Russo -- have yet to be named, the day-to-day management team has a distinctly Gallic flavor.

Check out these "Lucatel Jobs Cheat Sheets" to see who's landed which plum roles.

Table 1: Lucatel Jobs Cheat Sheet: Management Team
Name Lucatel job Current job
Pat Russo CEO CEO of Lucent
Etienne Fouques Senior Executive Vice President of the Carrier Group President of Alcatel Europe and South
Frank D'Amelio Senior Executive Vice President Integration and Chief Administrative Officer COO of Lucent
Jean-Pascal Beaufret CFO CFO of Alcatel
Claire Pedini Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Communication Alcatel's Senior Vice President of Corporate Human Resources & Communications
Mike Quigley President, Science Technology and Strategy COO of Alcatel
Source: Lucatel

Table 2: Lucatel Jobs Cheat Sheet: Senior Executives
Name Lucatel job Current job
Etienne Fouques* Senior Executive Vice President of the Carrier Group President of Alcatel Europe and South
Hubert de Pesquidoux* Senior Executive Vice President of the Enterprise Business Group President of Alcatel North America
John Meyer* Senior Executive Vice President of the Service Business Group Lucent's president of global sales and services
Mary Chan Wireless Carrier Group, reporting to Etienne Fouques Lucent's president of mobility R&D
Michel Rahier Wireline Carrier Group, reporting to Etienne Fouques Alcatel's president of fixed communications
Marc Rouanne Convergence Carrier Group, reporting to Etienne Fouques Alcatel's current president of mobile communications
Vince Molinaro Head of Europe and North geographic region (see note 1) Lucent's President of North American Sales
Olivier Picard Head of Europe and South geographic region (See note 2) Alcatel's President of Alcatel in France, Africa, Middle East and South Asia
Cindy Christy Head of North America geographic region (See note 3) Lucent's President, Network Solutions Group
Frederic Rose Head of Asia/Pacific geographic region (See note 4) President of Alcatel Asia Pacific
* Divisional head

1) Europe & North includes UK, Nordics, Benelux, Germany, Russia and Eastern European countries
2) Europe & South includes France, Italy, Spain and other Southern European countries, Africa, Middle East, India and Latin America
3) North America includes the United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean
4) Asia Pacific includes China, Northeast Asia, South East Asia and Australia

Source: Lucatel

A couple of individual appointments are worth noting. Marc Rouanne's role as head of the Convergence Carrier Group, reporting to Etienne Fouques, senior executive VP of the Carrier Group, means he has responsibility for "convergence technologies," such as UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), which is being deployed by carriers for call handover between mobile networks and home-gateways/public-WLAN hotspots, and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). That looks as if it could be an interesting challenge. (See Can Alcatel & Lucent Avoid an IMS Mess?)

And according to an industry source, the elevation of Fouques, an Alcatel veteran of 34 years, to the senior management team and as head of the carrier business (following Mike Quigley's decision to take a lesser role), is a surprise. He had been expected to retire soon.

For those scratching their heads at the appointment of Lucent's North American head of sales, Vince Molinaro, as Lucatel's regional manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, Molinaro does have European experience. He spent six years in the Netherlands in the mid- to late-90s in various roles for Lucent, including a two-year stint as COO of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

These appointments still leave Lucatel to announce a chief technology officer (CTO) and chief marketing officer (CMO). And the executives currently running the two integration teams -- Alcatel's Christian Reinaudo and Lucent's Janet Davidson -- will need to find themselves permanent seats to fill.

Among the current Alcatel and Lucent senior personnel without an assigned Lucatel post to date are Lucent's CMO John Giere and his Alcatel counterpart Alan Mottram; Alcatel's CTO Olivier Baujard; Alcatel's president of private communications (enterprise technology) Olivier Houssin; Lucent's CFO John Kritzmacher; Lucent's president of developing markets, James Brewington; and the U.S. vendor's relatively new president of Europe, Andy Williams.

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corwin0 12/5/2012 | 3:48:37 AM
re: Lucatel: New Team, Old Faces Great - it looks like they just created another layer of management. In Alcatel, each of those divisions (fixed communications, for example) report to the CEO/COO. Now they report to someone, who reports to the CEO. Each of those divisions also has business units under it (now, anyway). Unless they do away with those, there is another layer of beuracracy to deal with.
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