SOPHIA-ANITPOLIS, France -- At the official launch of TISPAN's NGN (Release 1) specifications there has been a festive atmosphere, as ETSI has moved another step closer to its goal of being the place to write the key specifications that enable standards based network convergence.

ETSI has worked hard over the years to make today’s NGN specifications an overnight success. Realising the need to bring experts together to focus on all areas of the NGN, the former committees dealing with Network Aspects (ETSI NA), Signalling, Protocols and Switching (SPS), Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks (SPAN) and Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks (TIPHON) have been progressively merged to create an efficient NGN "one-stop" committee, called TISPAN.

The convergence between public switched telephone networks and IP based data networks forms a major part of the TISPAN work, along with the planning for the re-use in the fixed domain of the, originally mobile only, "IP Multimedia Subsystem" (IMS) developed in 3GPP.

This weeks TISPAN#9 meeting has been a great success, with strong attendance from operators, vendors, service providers, research and government representatives – almost 200 attendees from 45 organizations.

The publication here of TISPAN NGN R1 gives the industry many of the core specifications needed to bridge any differences in the core networks for fixed and mobile domains.

As well as the approval of standards, there was another important issue to be tackled this week; that of finding a high profile Chairman for the next stage of the committee’s work. Ending his term on a successful note, Mr Alain Le Roux, France Telecom, outgoing Chairman of ETSI TISPAN said:

“The standards that we have now published will drive Fixed mobile Convergence at an accelerated and clear pace. The new chair has a broad experience in NGN standards and has been highly committed to the TISPAN_NGN Release 1 work. This makes him well placed to build consensus in TISPAN as it moves in to its next important phase.”

ETSI TISPAN elected its new Chairman. Rainer Muench, Alcatel on Wednesday evening. Speaking during the TISPAN meeting, Mr. Muench said:

"The ETSI TISPAN team under the chairmanship of Alain Le Roux has established a solid foundation for the industry to move forward into the new era of convergence. The role of ETSI TISPAN will become more and more relevant as these standards are deployed. As the new chair of ETSI TISPAN, I look forward to working hand in hand with 3GPP, ITU as well as other standards developing organizations to extend the functionalities and to globalize our results."

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

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