Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Analytics Lets C Spire Get to Know Subs

It's all about the data for US operator C Spire as it uses analytics to personalize its customer service down to individual subscribers.

nasimson 11/19/2014 | 9:12:05 PM
Re: Percs Thanks Ed for sharing some secret sauce of C Spire. The example where they know if you have walked again in the store and treat you accordinly is really awesome.
sarahthomas1011 11/19/2014 | 8:56:15 AM
Percs C Spire is an example of an operator that really gets customer service. Its Percs program rewards its customers, and even non-customers, for interacting with the operator, which I'm sure allows them to keep track of them and their data better too. They are smaller, which could make them more nimble, but I think they've just also made customer service a priority and now a differentiator.
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