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Cloud Watch: VMworld Looms

VMworld, the VMware Inc. (NYSE: VMW) conference about all things virtualized, will convene Monday in Las Vegas, not San Francisco, under the theme: "Your Cloud, Own It."

So, avoiding any storm-related jokes, considering a real one is about to hit our friends on the East Coast, let's run down some of the pre-VMworld news.

  • vSphere 5 arrives: Announced last month, VMware's latest big release will likely be the center of attention. vSphere 5 includes some features tailored to large operations, such as storage load-balancing. InfoWorld provides a rundown of features and some competitive comparisons.

    The bigger news, though, is the licensing model. VMware tweaked the rules so that customers now pay more to use more memory in the cloud. As Information Week noted in July, the new costs "can add up very quickly," by thousands of dollars. The publication later ran a user survey to assess the damage.

    VMware made some adjustments, but some bitterness will still linger. TechTarget asked some VMware goers what they'll be looking forward to, and one of them focused on chewing out VMware over the licensing scheme: "This one stands to become a classic case study of how not to do marketing for the next generation of business school students."

  • The undercard: VMware also released Micro Cloud Foundry this week. It's a laptop version of the relatively new platform for building cloud applications. It's like a free sample to suck customers in, PC World explains (in different words).

  • Oracle steps in: Drafting off of VMworld, competitor Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL) released the 3.0 version of its Oracle VM server virtualization software on Tuesday. The company could use the publicity, maybe; Charles Babcock at Information Week writes that Oracle VM "repeatedly shows up a distant fourth behind VMware, Citrix Systems, and Microsoft in terms of market share."

  • Cloud startups abound: Embrane Inc. , whose cloud tools operate at Layers 4 through 7, picked up $18 million in Series B funding this week. The idea is to improve the delivery of services without resorting to appliances, even virtual ones, the company told GigaOm.

    Out in Israel, Wanova Inc. has picked up $10 million in funding, according to Globes. Its product helps IT organizations manage remote terminals and PCs.

  • For VMware newbies: David Marshall of InfoWorld offers 10 tips for surviving VMworld. The first one appears to be "hang around the exhibit floor," so he kind of lost me right off the bat. Admittedly, his tip No. 8, "Don't count on the Wi-Fi connection," is pretty good advice for any show. But it's not as much fun as the Comic-Con list.

    Elsewhere in cloud coverage: — Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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    Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:55:13 PM
    re: Cloud Watch: VMworld Looms

    I've never been to one -- how much am I missing? Should Light Reading have been going htere all these years?

    Talk is that VMworld will move back to San Francisco in 2012. If that's the case, I'll probably attend.

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