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Cloud Watch: Redimensioning

The big news in the cloud this week is the £2.1 billion (US$3.23 billion) NTT Communications Corp. (NYSE: NTT) bid for Dimension Data , which leads off this edition of Cloud Watch. (See NTT Splashes $3.2B on DiData.)

  • South Africa's BusinessDay notes the price for Dimension Data, equating to 14 South African RAND (13 cents) per share, is fair but anticlimactic. The publication notes Dimension Data hasn't traded that level in eight years (a lament familiar to Light Reading's optical networking readers).

    Something else that harks back 10 years: NTT buying anything overseas. It hasn't done so since going on a buying spree circa 2000, according to Nikkei. Those acquisitions proved disastrous once the dotcom bubble bust. (Somehow, that sounds familiar too.)

  • Amazon Web Services Inc. has added grid computing to EC2, essentially, with the Cluster Computer Instances announced this week.

    What's the difference? As Ars Technica explains with some neat little pictures, cloud tasks are small jobs. Any given server can handle a bunch at once.

    Grid tasks are the opposite. They're big, and they consume multiple servers' worth of computing.

    Cluster Computing Instances, then, is targeted at grid kinds of jobs. They're aimed at the high-performance computing market.

  • Security is still an issue for cloud services providers, partly because there's no accepted definition for them to match up against. (See Cloud Computing's Security Problem.) One way cloud providers can assuage security concerns is with the help of Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT), as noted indirectly in the Heavy Reading Insider report, "Cloud Services Fly Into Some Security Turbulence."

    The report doesn't mention the SPIT term itself, but the idea is that providers can automate the presentation of customer information. For Amazon, that's done through an API; for Savvis (Nasdaq: SVVS), it's a portal.

    The report briefly notes several other security options and also details the security practices of 11 providers.

    Elsewhere in the cloud lately: ... and two videos you might have missed:

    — Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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