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Tata Shows It Cares

3:10 PM -- Having started India's mobile services price war in 2009, Tata Teleservices Ltd. has again tried to change the dynamics of the industry. The operator has announced a 'Customer Service Charter' under which its CDMA customers will be compensated if predetermined service levels aren't met.

According to the new offer, Tata will pay its customers 25 Indian Rupees (US$0.55) per day if a bill dispute is not resolved within three working days. It will also refund 2.5 percent of the total billed amount for the previous month if a subscriber experiences a dropped call rate of more than 1.5 percent in any given month. The charter also allows customers to trial any value-added service for free before buying, guarantees call center availability, and promises loan handsets for anyone with a broken device that can't get it fixed at one of the operator's I-Care Centers.

The charter is another potential game changer from Tata. India's mobile operators have been focused on adding new subscribers, rather than introducing customer care initiatives. And this is just the sort of offer that could help Tata retain its customers when mobile number portability is introduced in May this year.

— Gagandeep Kaur, India Editor, Light Reading

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