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LHS Runs Benchmark

FRANKFURT, Germany -- LHS, a leading provider of telecommunications and billing software, today revealed the results of a breakthrough performance test for its fully convergent billing and customer care system, BSCS iX.

On an enterprise-class Sun Fire E25K server equipped with 72 UltraSPARC IV processors at 1,5 GHz processor, BSCS iX generated 1.125 million invoices per hour supporting 40 million customers.

In another benchmark run, BSCS iX was running on a Sun Fire E25K server equipped with Sun’s brand-new 1,8 GHz processor, setting a new billing performance record of 1.265 million invoices per hour on this server, a mark-up of 12 %.

The performance test was run in a production-like environment with real-life tariff models and promotional offers, comprising friends and family discounts and free units. BSCS iX’s Best-Option-Plan (BOP) was incorporated to calculate the best tariff option from several alternatives, depending on the customer’s usage scenario.

The benchmarking covered all modules, from the collection of network events and customer care to the complete rating and billing chain, in order to test every aspect of the billing system. It took place at Sun Microsystems’s Customer Benchmark Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.

Dr. Jens Troetscher, Chief Technology Officer, LHS said:

“BSCS iX architecture lays the groundwork for these outstanding performance results. With its parallel processing capabilities in rating and billing, BSCS iX achieved excellent results in these latest benchmark tests run on the powerful enterprise-class Sun Fire E25K server.”

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