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How Not to Do 4G, EE-Style

10:25 AM -- The 4G service recently launched by the U.K.'s largest mobile operator, EE , might be fast and readily available around much of London but its quality is not matched by the operator's customer service levels. (See Euronews: 4G Arrives in UK.)

That's the main conclusion I've reached after reading EE's 4G mobile network – review, a report by London-based Guardian journalist Juliette Garside, who tested EE's LTE network and compared it with the 3G service on offer from Three UK .

Garside reported on the services she was able to access around the capital and then found her article supplemented by more than 100 comments from frustrated users who, for the most part, have lambasted the operator for appalling customer service.

Anyone interested in what really ticks off mobile broadband users should check out the comments and pay particular attention to the service that users now expect on Twitter.

In the meantime, this just goes to show that there's no point in rolling out a new-generation network if you don't have the customer support strategy, services, staff and tools to back it up. That seems blindingly obvious in this day and age, but it clearly wasn't obvious to the management at EE. Poor show…

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

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