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Amdocs CEO Interview

Amdocs CEO Eli Gelman talks data analytics, global markets, acquisitions, NFV and the move to software virtualization, and more in a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with Light Reading.

Vishnu Goel 1/23/2015 | 7:03:51 PM
Selling Software thru Hardware Channel! Yes,that was a great interview! And reorienting a box-selling channel to a Services and Software requires Developing the market and Customers both simultaneously.For emerging markets,particularly in India a " Repositioning" of the company and a balance is needed.Channel nurturing for selling services is tough but very rewarding ultimately.If I were Amdocs CEO ,will get in touch with Vishnu Goel T&M+ 919810101238
[email protected] 12/24/2014 | 12:15:48 PM
Killer topic at 11 mins 30 seconds Dan asks a great question (one of many actually) at 11 mins 30 seconds about how well Amdocs is placed in NFV when compared with the traditional hardware vednors, because Amdocs is used to selling software and the trad vendors are not.
[email protected] 12/23/2014 | 1:13:11 PM
Great interview I haven't seen Gelman speak before -- he seems very dtermined to keep Amdocs at the forefront of the telco shift to software and make readl inroads into massive markets such as India.
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