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Euronews: NSN Makes CDN Pact

Nokia Siemens Networks, Alvarion Ltd. and WeDo Technologies start the week in today's trawl of the EMEA headlines.

  • Nokia Siemens Networks is collaborating with content delivery network operator CDNetworks Co. Ltd. on a program which the pair hope will accelerate the delivery of mobile content. For NSN, the intention is to enhance its Liquid Applications proposition, which centers on the integration of an IBM Websphere server at mobile base stations to enable content storage and data processing close to end users. (See NSN's Learning Curve and NSN: Understanding Liquid Applications.)

  • Alvarion, the Israeli WiMax technology vendor, has agreed to allow Silicon Valley Bank to appoint a receiver, reports Globes. Alvarion owes the bank US$3.2 million. (See Alvarion CEO Quits.)

  • It's perhaps not the most significant news coming out of Egypt right now but it's worth a mention here: Portuguese revenue assurance specialist WeDo Technologies has landed a deal with Etisalat Egypt. The operator will deploy WeDo's RAID software. (See EuroProfile: WeDo Technologies.)

  • Deutsche Telekom AG's T-Mobile Poland subsidiary is offering a Firefox phone, the Alcatel One Touch Fire, through 850 of its stores as from today. Mozilla's Firefox mobile OS was launched in Europe with much ballyhoo at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress in February. (See Firefox: Smartphones for All? and Telefónica Outlines Firefox Plans.)

  • U.K. satellite broadcaster BSkyB Ltd. isn't happy that Luxembourg's M7 is using the term "Skylink" for its satellite TV services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is mounting a legal challenge, reports Bloomberg, citing the Advanced Television news website. BSkyB has already won a similar case against Microsoft Corp., which had the temerity to use the term "Skydrive" for its cloud storage offering.

    — Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, Light Reading

  • Ray Le Maistre 7/17/2013 | 12:11:27 PM
    re: Euronews: NSN Makes CDN Pact NSN says this is not restricted to any geography and that the agreement is global. CDNetworks has a strong presence in China, though, for sure.
    Ray Le Maistre 7/17/2013 | 8:57:40 AM
    re: Euronews: NSN Makes CDN Pact I don't see any indication that it is restricted to any particular geography, but that' s something we can check out...
    nuker 7/16/2013 | 8:25:35 PM
    re: Euronews: NSN Makes CDN Pact Is the NSN collaboration only in China ? Which other regions is it addressing ?
    Ray Le Maistre 7/15/2013 | 12:27:51 PM
    re: Euronews: NSN Makes CDN Pact It makes sense for NSN to have a CDN partner, esp with its focus on more efficient content delivery. No doubt the folks at Ericsson will be pointing out how long it has had a partnership with Akamai...

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