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MWC14: Analytics Holds the Key

Mobile operators can deploy all the cutting-edge technologies going, but they'll be wasting their investments if they can't extract and analyze data from their networks, devices, and OSS/BSS systems.

Mitch Wagner 3/4/2014 | 11:36:30 PM
Networking Network announcements were the most interesting events at MWC. I can't think of a single interesting device announcement. The action now is all at the back end. 

And speaking of back ends, I love the guy taking his buddy's picture on the left side of the video starting at about 0:33 or so. "Hey, check this out, I'm standing next to Ray's back!"
DHagar 3/4/2014 | 10:31:26 PM
MWC14: Analytics Holds the Key I totally agree.  The analytics provides the "sensemaking" for any network, cells, and/or device.  That creates the user value and the richness of technology. 

I wonder if we will ultimately measure "analytics" value, as a technology IQ, the way we utilize IQ for knowledge.

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