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MW13 Slide Show: Nice is Nice!

The TM Forum's Management World made its triumphant return this year to Nice, France, this year where the skies were clear and sunny. The only bad weather was the oft-referenced digital storm brewing inside the Acropolis conference center.

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mendyk 5/17/2013 | 2:41:28 PM
re: MW13 Slide Show: Nice is Nice! Thanks for the lovely shots of the Mediterranean Ocean. They bring back fond memories of the show.
Sarah Thomas 5/17/2013 | 2:23:34 PM
re: MW13 Slide Show: Nice is Nice! I spent more time in the panels than on the show floor this year, but I thought there was a ton of great operator speakers and a lot of good content. More questions than solutions now around topics like big data and SDN, but also a lot of practical case studies in areas like CEM.
Ray Le Maistre 5/17/2013 | 7:40:08 AM
re: MW13 Slide Show: Nice is Nice! Sarah's slide show is a fair reflection of what was aesthetically pleasing at this year's show -- pretty much he only photos worth taking were away from the event during the weekend before the show. But that's not a reflection on the event overall, which was well worth attending -- a lot of interesting people and developments!
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