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Management World 2012: Preview Pitches

With the Management World 2012 show only days away, it's time to highlight some of the companies that'll be vying for the attention of attendees that hit the show floor in Dublin.

We gave some of the Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT) sector's specialists a chance to persuade us, and you, why they're worth a chat at the show. We asked the same three questions of the senior executive leading the team effort at the show (via email):

    1) What is the single most compelling reason why a communications service provider executive would meet with you in Dublin?

    2) Will you be announcing anything new at the show?

    3) What is your (or your CEO's) favorite movie/film?

We had some pointers for them: No need to go on about mobile data growth, the need for more customer engagement, rising volumes of video traffic, blah blah blah -- that's a given. Keep it short, snappy and interesting, and no blatant sales pitches.

As you can imagine, the final criterion was the biggest challenge. We reserved the right to delete any responses if, for any reason, we thought them unworthy.

Before we provide you with the first batch of answers, from MDS Global , Matrixx Software Inc. and Lavastorm Analytics , a big shout-out to Matt Hooper. At first we thought it was a coincidence that there were two Matt Hoopers, both CMOs, who had answered our questions, but it's the same guy. Lavastorm is a subsidiary of MDS and he acts as CMO for both.

We did note, though, that he's very fickle when it comes to choosing his favorite movie. Make your mind up, Matt!

OK, here goes.

MDS (customer experience and business assurance specialist)
1) The biggest opportunities for telcos right now are in the cloud and in the smart grid sector, but unless the industry learns from the mistakes made in the establishment of telecom networks, we'll lose out to the IT software giants who will be working from a cleaner slate. The key to not repeating mistakes will lie within making sure services are delivered well, and customers do not become churners -- as has happened with the telecom and mobility sectors. MDS can tell you how to avoid these mistakes.

2) MDS will be unveiling a new outsourced billing service and announcing the initial findings of some research into BYOD [bring your own device] and SLAs [service level agreements] across European enterprise businesses.

3) Matt Hooper, CMO: Glengarry Glen Ross.

Matrixx Software (real-time charging engine)
1) With flat-fee pricing, data caps and throttling, ARPU doesn’t matter anymore. It's all about ARPMB. Yes, that's another annoying acronym -- it means Average Revenue Per Megbyte -- but these letters hold the future to CSPs being able to monetize their core asset, the network. To capitalize on ARPMB, they need to track usage and make personalized offers to subscribers in actual real time. That's where we come in.

2) A Catalyst project with Orange (NYSE: FTE), Capgemini , DigitalRoute AB and Vedicis which demonstrates how we do this.

3) Matt Taylor, Global VP, Sales: Blade Runner or the new Battlestar Galactica series -- gotta love Cylons!!

Lavastorm Analytics (analytics software, not surprisingly)
1) The communications industry is leaking over $60 billion per year in revenue and the risk is growing as we see more consumptive service usage driven by cloud and LTE. I get out of bed in the morning thinking about this. I eat, sleep and drink analytics all day– and when it comes down to it, we're asking the questions CSPs don't even know they want or need to ask. That's why an executive should meet with us in Dublin.

2) We'll be announcing updates to our product, the Lavastorm Analytics Platform. Think "app Store for analytics."

3) Matt Hooper, CMO: Any Given Sunday because of the "inches speech -- applies to life and the communications industry," says Hooper, having cast aside Glengarry Glen Ross within a matter of minutes.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

digits 12/5/2012 | 5:32:43 PM
re: Management World 2012: Preview Pitches

Are there any other companies out there who have Matt Hooper as their CMO?

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