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Facebook Tunes In to TV Data

Rovi Corp. is ready to bring TV and movie data to the world's biggest social networking platform. As programmers aim to make the most of data from social networks, Rovi and Facebook are approaching social TV from a different angle. The social networking giant will use Rovi Video to give apps developers access to a full database of information on TV, movies and celebrities. The data will enable Facebook developers to design apps that aid in content discovery, create social interaction among viewers, enhance marketing campaigns and more. There is a lot of perceived value in the successful integration of TV and online social activity. TV analytics companies are joining forces with the major social networking platforms to track users across multiple screens. Twitter Inc. acquired Bluefin Labs Inc. in February, and The Nielsen Co. and NM Incite acquired SocialGuide last November. (See Charter Plays the Rural Card in Set-Top Fight.) Meanwhile, programmers and service providers are attempting to incorporate social activity into the TV experience to keep viewers engaged longer. (See Hey, You, Get Onto My Cloud, and Twitter, Facebook Coming to Cox's Tru2way IPG.) And next-generation guide providers are tying social data into their apps to try to improve users' ability to find content across multiple platforms. (See When Facebook Met Netflix.) The deal with Rovi potentially opens up new revenue opportunities on all fronts by expanding TV- and movie-related activities on Facebook, where many viewers already spend significant amounts of time. — Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable

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